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Expressing love, sorrow and giving reaction

Regi: Hello, Fauzan

Fauzan : Hi too, how are you today?

Regi : I’m Fine, How About you?

Fauzan : I’m Fine too, Gi did you know The Hottest news today?

Regi : Hottest news today? I think about Palestina and Israel?

Fauzan : No, It did’nt tell About them, but about our best friend.

Regi : What happened with ahmad?

Fauzan : He was died

Regi : Are you sure? I’m feel so sad to listen this news (sorrow)

Fauzan : I’m too, I have many experience with him, I think he was my right friend (love)

Regi : What is the cause of his deadth?

Fauzan : He was killed by the hunter in the camp.

Regi : I don’t like them who killed my best friend (giving reaction)


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